Queening Financial Wellness Summit

Our mission in hosting this event is to encourage and motivate women to become financially free. We will instill in each queen, the essential tools and methods of financial game required to obtain financial gains.
Financial Wellness is vital element of peace of mind. It is difficult to have true happiness when you cannot afford to pay your bills.
A lot of us were never taught how to maintain a healthy relationship with money. Some of us were taught how to use money as a tool for survival. The “money for survival” mindset can leave you stagnant in life, causing you to be stuck living paycheck to paycheck. You want to know the sad part about it? You are more prone to passing down that mindset and bad financial habits to your children. So, the cycle repeats itself over and over again. Fortunately, there is a way to escape poverty, debt, struggle, and hardship. It is a solution that will require patience, discipline, sacrifice, good credit and money! I am committed to showing you how at the “My Queening Financial Wellness Summit”. Along with my special guests who are Queening Superheroes, from the foundation that has been laid, we are gearing up to pass the baton to you.


May 02 2020


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Courtyard by Marriott